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The Benefits of a Home Inspection

When we think of home inspections, we tend to think of this as something a home buyer should do. However, there are benefits for sellers who choose to have a home inspection performed, which could ultimately provide some edge even in the most competitive housing markets. I

If you want to gain an advantage when selling your home, consider having an inspection done for the following reasons:

  • Prospective buyers will feel a lot less apprehensive: People who are looking to buy a home often have many concerns when sifting through the housing market, particularly regarding the condition of the home they are thinking of buying. There are many problems that a simple tour will not show, such as issues with wiring and plumbing. Set prospective buyers’ minds at ease by having an inspection report on hand. No one likes bad surprises when buying a home, so you can be sure this report will be appreciated and make people feel confident enough to put in a bid for your home.

  • Can save you both time and money: When you hire a home inspector, he or she will look for any flaws or problems in your home. Generally, an inspector might find a couple of concerns that will require your attention and, if you have yet to list your home on the market, you will be able to take all the time you need to either make repairs or to adjust the asking price. However, if a buyer hires an inspector, you will likely have to make big decisions in a hurry to avoid losing the sale. Unfortunately, this means you will be taxed for time to find solutions at an affordable price.

  • Find out what might be wrong with your home: You might think you know your home like the back of your hand, but it is actually common for homeowners to incorrectly identify issues in their home. A home inspection will ensure that you are aware of any big problems that could potentially affect your ability to sell your home.

  • Will help you set a reasonable asking price: Your home’s value can change greatly depending on the types of issues that are discovered when a buyer hires a home inspector. If anything major is revealed, you will be forced to substantially reduce your asking price. However, if you hire a home inspector to do this beforehand, you will be able to have a bit more control over things.

Selling Your Home in Santa Clarita

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