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How Lower Mortgage Rates Are Improving the Housing Market

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According to a report from the Commerce Department, sales of new single-family homes rebounded in August, a sign that suggests lower mortgage rates are finally giving the housing market a boost. The jump in new home sales is the second time in three months sales have spiked above 700,000 and homebuilders are positive that sales will continue to increase. Given how sensitive the housing market is to interest rates, the improvement in sales is not surprising and should continue to inspire confidence.

Revived Optimism in the Housing Market

The housing market hit somewhat of a rough patch last year. However, this year, the economy has seen notable growth. For September, pending home sales rose by 1.5%. Compared to last year, sales were 3.9% higher this September, according to the National Association of Realtors. Despite the fact that home prices are rising faster than wages, decreased interest rates helped improve national buying power, increasing it by 6%.

These signs all bode well for the future of the housing market, which is expected to provide sustainable price growth. That said, due to the lack of supply, prices might still continue to rise since there are simply not enough homes for those who are interested in becoming homeowners. In fact, about 63% of the houses that sold in August were homes that were either still under construction or had yet to be built.

Additionally, although incomes might not be increasing at as fast a pace as home prices, unemployment rates are at near historic lows, which is another likely factor in the housing market’s recent improvements. Unfortunately, one obstacle buyers might face is their credit score. Money might be cheap, but it is still necessary to have good credit to access it.

The Bottom Line

Lower mortgage rates are certainly providing a much-needed boost for the housing market, but prospective homeowners must still focus on improving their credit score to ensure they can access the loans they need to realize their dreams.

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