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Should You Use Social Media to Help Sell Your Home?

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Selling your home is an art form, a science, and a project all at once. There is no one exact way to do it correctly. Instead, there are all types of tools and strategies you can use to get your home on the market and in front of interested buyers, such as utilizing social media platforms.

Everyone and their mother – no joke or exaggeration here – is on social media in one way or another. Ask anyone in the room with you right now if they use social media and they are probably going to list off three or four apps they use daily. With social media being popular in all age groups, demographics, and localities, wouldn’t it be a tremendous shame not to use it when selling your home?

Getting Facetime on Facebook

The modern age of social media is largely built upon the shoulders of Facebook. Before people had 20+ apps in their phone to connect with people globally, they had a single Facebook page to connect locally. The social media giant has stood the test of time and still attracts millions of visitors each day by providing a place for people to talk, share, and shop.

Put your home on Facebook and take advantage of this incredible marketplace and social hotspot! Even if you are not running Facebook ads about your home, simply posting about it on your own wall will put it in front of everyone who knows you – and the people who know them.

Instant Exposure on Instagram

When people want instantaneous entertainment and information, they turn to Instagram these days, which is also owned by Facebook. The app lets you easily share photos and brief videos of whatever you want. Why not snap pictures of your house for sale and create an Instagram story of it? Using relevant hashtags in your post can help people find it in narrowed searches, too, like #SantaClarita and #HomesForSale.

Talk of the Town with Twitter

Rapidly consumable news is the groundwork of Twitter. Ever since the social media platform increased its post character count from 280 (up from 140), it has become even more useful for spreading the word about everything and anything. Tweet about your home for sale to start a conversation with local, interested buyers. You can go back and forth in your tweets for a laidback or information chat about why you are selling your home, its key features, and so forth without ever having to leave the app.

Dippy Chhina Brings Home Selling to the 21st Century

At Dippy Real Estate in Santa Clarita, California, we recognize the usefulness of connecting with potential buyers on social media accounts of various types. When Dippy Chhina is acting as your realtor, she can arrange an internet marketing plan that boosts your home’s exposure through social media ad campaigns that target the right people at the right time. Technology is a powerful tool in today’s modern age – use it!

Call us at 661.441.3304 to arrange for Dippy to be your trusted and local realtor in Santa Clarita!

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